What is atome shopping installments?

Atome Online Shopping Installments provides you with a virtual credit line that can be used to make purchases with our Atome-affiliated online merchant partners. 

Through this product, you can now choose to pay your purchases in light and easy monthly installments for up to 6 months.


Who can apply?

Any Filipino citizen between 18 to 55 years old.


How can I apply?

Start shopping at any of Atome-affiliated online merchant partners and choose Atome as your payment option. You can register using your mobile number and apply for a credit line after selecting Atome.

Note that you can apply for Online Shopping Installments *only through our merchants’ ecommerce sites.

*Currently available to New-to-Atome users


Do I have to deposit cash or fund in to my Atome account before I can use it for my online purchases?

There’s no need to deposit or fund cash into your Atome app. A credit limit will be assigned to individuals with approved applications, which they can use to purchase goods and services online.


If I get approved, what credit limit amount should I expect?

The credit limit provided will depend on our assessment of your profile. Approved credit limits can range between Php 3,000.00 up to Php 40,000.
Continue to use your credit line for your purchases and repay on time to increase your credit limit


CAn I pay in Installments?

Yes. For total purchases amounting to more than Php 3,000, you have the option to pay in 2, 3, or 6 monthly installments. You can also defer the payment of purchases amounting to Php 3,000 and below for up to one month.


What if my approved credit limit is less than the value of the item I want to purchase?

For these instances, we recommend that you start purchasing items valued within your approved credit line and repay on time to increase your limit.


When is my due date?

Your due date will be the same as your birthdate.

Birthday: March 15, 1988
Due date: Every 15th of the month

For birthdates falling on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of any month, special due dates are on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of each month, respectively.

Birthday: March 30, 1977
Due date: Every 16th of the month


Where can I view my statement?

Log in to your Atome app and click on the “Me” tab. You will find your “Paylater Statement” there.


How can I pay for my installments?

Log in to your Atome app and click on the “Repay” button in the home screen to view your total amount due. The reference number displayed in the app is a requirement when making repayments.


What are the available payment channels and partners for me?

There are two payment options: Online Payment and Offline Deposit

Online Payment through DragonPay (One-time Use Reference Number):
1. BDO
2. BPI
3. Metrobank
6. Unionbank
7. Chinabank
8. PNB
9. Eastwest

Offline Deposit (Lifetime Reference Number):
1. 7-Eleven
2. Bayad Center
3. Cebuana Lhuillier
4. M Lhuillier
5. ecPay
6. Dragonpay


What is a lifetime reference number?

 This is a unique reference number assigned to a customer for repayments to be made in the offline deposit channel.


Can I still use what’s left of my credit limit even if I missed an installment payment?

Similar to credit cards, we will freeze your credit line from further use until you have paid for your statement balance and late fees

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